Privacy Policy

MDM Handelsgesellschaft mbH

This is the privacy policy of the company MDM Handelsgesellschaft mbH. You can find our website on the Internet at Users can also learn about what data MDM collects from customers and for what purposes they are used.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this statement. You can reach us at the following postal address:

MDM Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Hannoversche Str. 48

31832 Springe - Gestorf


You can reach us by email:
You can call us at Tel: +49 5045-1450.

What information is collected when you visit its website MDM?
When you visit our websites, we collect only the first of the following technical information:

• click sequences
• HTTP protocol elements
• Searches
This data is used for the following purposes:

• Design and support of the currently running process
• Management of the site and the system
• Research and Development
• One-time adjustment
We have entered into agreements with external service providers to register for access to certain of these pages on our website in connection with advertising, to generate reports on page views, statistics, advertisements clicked, and / or other surfing behavior on our website can make. To the extent permitted by us, service providers use this cookies, "web beacons" and / or other technologies for the registration of pageviews, in order to produce aggregated statistics regarding the visitors to our website. The purpose collected data are exclusively anonymous data that only the number of views of particular pages contain our website. In no case personal data of our customers are sent to this service.

When and for what uses MDM 'cookies'?
To make your online ordering as convenient as possible, we must set out reasons when entering a cookie with a number code. This allows us to identify you during your visit to the filled order form clearly. Thus, for example Your order form filled also available if you switch to another web page in between and then come back to us again. This is a session cookie (explanation see next section). If you do not accept the cookie, this assignment is not possible, so that you will lose your article always been listed immediately. Therefore, without an order accepting this cookie is not possible. Otherwise, you can of course use all the features of our site fully. Furthermore, in some cases, we use a cookie may be noted, has come about which affiliate the user to us. It only codes for the detection of the promotional partners are included. These cookies are usually valid for 30 days and used for statistical and billing purposes, and thus to optimize our advertising on the Internet. Under no circumstances will any personal information (name, address, e-mail address, etc.) are stored in these cookies.

What are 'cookies'?
There are small text files that are transferred when you visit a website on the user's computer. These can either be stored on the hard disk with a specified validity period or to be kept even during a so-called Internet session (session) within the memory of the computer (session cookies). The latter are automatically deleted when closing the browser again.

Are using 'cookies' dangers connected?
It is regularly heard the rumor, cookies are dangerous to the user's computer. But since it is very easy to text files, they can not perform activities, but only store information. Here's what you should know about cookies:

• Each server can only read the cookies that he has set himself.
• Using Cookies can not transmit viruses or worms.
• Cookies can spy on any data on your computer.
• It may also no emails will be sent by unnoticed cookies.
If you still do not trust cookies, you can set your browser so that cookies are not accepted, or at least does not go unnoticed.

To set up the handling of cookies in your browser!
Internet Explorer:

• Open the menu "Tools" and then "Internet Options".
• Select the tab "Privacy".
• Using the slider you can adjust various settings.
• Use the "Block All Cookies" at the top to prevent the saving of cookies.
• Using the slider you can adjust various settings.
• You also have the option of using the function button "Advanced ..." Make your own settings
• Activate the newly opened window select "Override automatic cookie handling" and choose for example the "prompt" to obtain each time a cookie an informational message.
• For more information on the options is also available via the Help feature (?) At the top of the window.
• Confirm your settings, then "OK" to open all the windows.
The equivalent configuration options can be found in Firefox the menu "Edit" under "Settings". There you will find the selection item "Privacy and Security", where you in the "Cookies" can then make your adjustments. Please note, however, that there may be at a general rejection of cookies to use restrictions on many websites.

When you leave our Web sites without having registered or ordered something, then this data will be deleted.

MDM is also constantly trying to process your data as secure as possible.

Notice, collection and utilization of customer data
Our Privacy Policy complies with the Federal Data Protection Act (Act) and the Telemedia Act (TMG).

We collect and store the necessary data for the transaction. In addition, we impose on a voluntary basis to the date of birth (new customers), to the phone number and address if the e-mail address to the customer for any questions or send him for internet orders to an order confirmation. We provide for order processing, shipping, processing and maintaining customer data with personal information for this specialized service such as call centers, delivery and IT service providers.

We also use a telephone number for advertising purposes, to inform you about interesting offers of our house and, when customers call for support for a quick access to customer data. The e-mail address can be used for our marketing purposes, if the customer has given them in the order. In addition, we maintain an exchange of postal address associated with mail order companies for promotional purposes under the provisions of the BDSG for addressed advertising. The use of this data for advertising purposes may object to the customer at any time by contacting MDM mbH, Hanover Street 48, 31832 Springe.